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Kelly Johnston

Life is crazy, isn't it? I could make this "bio" about 275 pages if I told you about everything that I have walked through. The bottom line is this: I just want to share the things that God has walked me through. There have been so many times in my life where I felt that no one could possible understand what I was going through, when in actuality, I was not alone! Having someone that has "been there done that" who can help you navigate through the murky waters of whatever it is in front of you, who has a backpack of tools that will help you get to the other side, well, sometimes that's all we need. No judgement, no lecture, no pressure, but sometimes the cheerleader or the person to fan the flame when you feel it starting to go out. I want to help you find the courage, strength and use the tools to for you to make the changes you need. Helping you pull back the weeds that life has brought over you, and help you find your true identity, (not the identity of your circumstances) this is where I found the Change in Me began to happen. And it can happen for you, too!


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