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April 29-30 2023 Women's Retreat


Do you have an inner dialogue that is calling you into something new?

Do you have trouble taking those thoughts and bringing them into action?

Do limiting beliefs or self-doubt prevent you from stepping into the call?

Do you want to move forward and claim who God created you to be?


SPRING into the new season
this two-day wooded retreat

at Justin Trails Resort in Sparta, WI.

Justin Trails Resort

  • Outdoor group activities

  • Hiking

  • Speakers

  • Bonfire Dinner

  • Fellowship

  • Reflection


          RESERVE TODAY!  


  •     Cabin Lodging (incl. meals) $185.00 
          (limit of 24 spots in cabins)        

  •     Tent Lodging (incl. meals)    $110.00            (your own tent/dry camper-unlimited spots)


Arise: to get up from a sitting/kneeling/lying position

Abide: to dwell, remain, continue, sustain, wait

Ascend: to move, climb, go upward. to become.

Our Speakers:

Kelly Johnston

Kelly's passion is for women to walk in freedom from abuse, betrayal, trauma and addiction. As owner and Life Coach, 'The Change In Me' blossomed out of her own journey of healing. The Casting Crowns Song says it all, giving Glory where it's due, saying "You're the Change in Me."  Disqualifying herself for years by believing lies, she found her voice, she found her identity, she surrendered it all to God!

Marguerite Hermanson

Marguerite has walked with Jesus for many years. Wife, Mother, Sister, Grandmother, MOPS Mentor, Former Head of Women's Ministry, Bible Teacher and writer for Community Bible Study (CBS), she has grown up in the faith. Caregiving for her mother through dementia at the same time walking along side her life-long love as he battled Leukemia; at the loss of both her strength in the Lord was taken to new heights. Native of La Crosse, now living in Colorado, Marguerite's is a face we all will love to see back "home."

Asha Sciarra-Boardman

Asha writes about every day joys, brokenness and light shinning through cracks. Asha has seen the power of God's work in her life and knows whose she is. She is an accomplished executive, author, chaplain and all around woman for God. For many of us, we have the honor to call her friend. She is the first person to point you to her weaknesses and the way God guides her through the good, bad and the ugly.


Awake, O sleeper, and ARISE from the dead, and Christ will shine on you."

Ephesians 5:14b

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